This is an ambitious attempt to provide a conversation about one of the most subjective cultures on the planet: Hip-Hop. The music provided by the culture is as diverse as the the people who self identify as belonging to Hip-Hop. Layla-E & Malik Thrilla express points of views as diverse as the culture itself ultimately providing a lively debate and exploration. We hope you enjoy our offering.


Def-Matic Office Favorites from 2015

These albums below, in no particular order, may not have garnered the highest review scores or the most record sales, but they remained on heavy rotation in the plush(ish) Def-Matic offices provided by the good folks at Creative Space. [Click images to view descriptions

When you ain’t doing nothing you can’t do nothing; man, I gotta be movin’ to do my work...right now you [listening] to Def-Matic...
— DJ Chose, Recording Artist