This is an ambitious attempt to provide a conversation about one of the most subjective cultures on the planet: Hip-Hop. The music provided by the culture is as diverse as the the people who self identify as belonging to Hip-Hop. Layla-E & Malik Thrilla express points of views as diverse as the culture itself ultimately providing a lively debate and exploration. We hope you enjoy our offering.

Latest Podcast

Layla and Thrilla take a look at 2017's winners and losers. They also share moments from the show that helped shape the year.

Tour Blog - 15 States Or Bust

Marcel pens his tour adventures. He speaks frankly about everything the road has to offer an MC. He is allowing us to get a sense of the ups and downs through the use of authentic rhetoric that is as humorous as it is poignant. Baton Rouge veteran emcee Marcel P. Black has already received high praise from some of the most well respected names in Hip-Hop. Most recently Marcel was featured on’s list “12 Baton Rouge Rappers 

Thrilla Pens a Memo

What is Def-Matic?

Well the Editor of our Journal & Editorials section attempt to answer exactly that question. He also speaks of what he hopes Def-Matic can become. Thrilla has high hopes and his ambitious goals for the Def-Matic and the words on the screens on the Def-Matic website. He speaks like the perfect gut to writ this very excerpt.