Who Are You Thrilla?

My name is (insert scratches) Malik Thrilla. This is my personal page that I’ve put together so you haters can criticize my life and or feelings about things. So you can go to my social media and troll me for liking Drag-On and Future. This page is created specifically for you all to rename me what ever heinous things come to mind because I don’t feel the same way about the local rap scene in Sioux Falls (I love SD, fuck you).

A Little Bit About Me…

I am a Hip-Hop junkie. Not just the music but the entire culture (the DJ, Graf artist, and Breakers). I don’t claim to be the biggest consumer of the culture nor am I one of those folks that want to point out high brow explanationsto explain our culture (that is not true at all). I love this shit and if I didn’t have a podcast I would be boring the shit out of the the local patrons at my barber shop; that was my old podcast.

I hope you all appreciate what Layla and I are doing and look forward to kicking it with y’all. Peace.

Albums That Almost Destroyed My Life

I almost (well did*) failed the 10th grade by accomplishing a feat that was almost impossible in my house. I missed 21 days of school. Now the misses were not in vain; I learned how to roll a joint, tag my name, talk to girls, play Mortal Combat, and I purchased and boosted some of the best hip-hop ever created. BTW I learned all of these skills from Record Store Clerks and older friends (Shout out to the record store clerks, without you who will train the youth). I also managed to become quite the sneaker fiend. The album covers above are a chronological list of the albums I remember purchasing and debating their greatness. These albums represent at least 5 days I missed from my formal education, and by my parents’ estimation I was destroying my future (really just my mother dad was down!).  

*All credits were made up during summer school and classes at community college (where I learned to split blunts and all the words to Jodeci’s Forever My Lady LP).