I am Layla E.; I have a love and passion for Hip-Hop which started way back in the gap in 1990 when I first heard the cool pop sounds of MC Hammer, the hungry tunes of The Fat Boys and most importantly the coolest trio ever, Run DMC. I later evolved and started getting into conscious rap of the 90s and the dirty south mantras which speak of backing that ass up and having 25 lighters dressers (yes sir).

Those eras (songs and artists) molded my interest in the Hip-Hop culture, where I interned with multi-media guru Orbit at the age of 15 and started my own promotions company that same year. Which eventually caught the attention of a Roc-a-fella & Roc-a-wear rep who asked me to set up events in Houston. (#UncleRicoMoment).

Being involved in the Hip-Hop culture is something that is unique and fun especially with your own podcast. Thankfully Thrilla finally obliged me to do this podcast  (after begging for 3 weeks), and then BOOM! DefMatic was born!
With Hip-Hop being one of the newest genres of music and the most popular streamed music in history, it has truly evolved. I am really excited to see the growth and most importantly the uniqueness of what the world has brought into our hip hop culture, and I can’t wait to share it with you through my articles, website and podcast. So check them out and leave a message and tell me when you fell in love with Hip-Hop and who you think should be featured on Def-Matic.

Just because rap music tries to romance me doesn't mean I don't still hang out with R&B or Pop all night...What can I say I just like to let my hair down and Party All the Time. This is the song I hear when I walk into a room, when I squeeze tomatoes at the grocery store, and before I start the show...Eddie Murphy and Rick James made magic and I am glad this is my theme song.


My 5 Feel good albums

Nothing destroyed my life like on Thrilla’s list, however there a few albums that can change my mood to something amazing. Check them out.