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This is defmatic

Def-Mania or Manic Scribbling

Def-Mania or Manic Scribbling

Welcome to Def-Matic you bastards.

You know how hard it is to type about Def-Matic? Really hard. The red squiggly lines each time I type Def-Matic are annoying as hell. It’s like the Word wants me to say recognize Def-Matic as a word or I will annoy you out of our program. Well I have one word for Microsoft and Word: Nah! Your squiggly red lines can’t stop me. I-Will-Not-Lose! Did I mention I quote rappers a bunch? I do. 

This is a formal introduction to Def-Matic’s Journals and Editorial pages. We will attempt a few different things here. HipHop HipHop Hip-Hop Rap Rap Rap Music Rapper Drake Drake Drake Jay-Z Jay-Z. ç [SEO] The things we attempt will be successful mostly. Especially when I am retelling this story for Hollywood it will be a huge success from the beginning. The truth of the matter this is damn hard. The audience that I seek is aging or too young to care depending on who you consult with about demographics of those reading long form Hip-Hop articles, listening to bloated podcasts about albums and their creators, and constantly reminding everyone that Nas is the best MC that has ever spat spit.

I understand that I am supposed to keep everything succinct. I am supposed to give my audience nuggets in less than 300 words. I should also provide a video of some mid 20s person in a unrecognizable trendy shirt repeat the words I just wrote in case my audience did not read my article, and lastly I am supposed to create eye grabbing headlines for Facebook and Twitter. The former I will certainly do because I like ridiculous headlines. But the rest – The articles are as long as it takes to convey a thought. The videos are available when we have video and nothing to do with the text. The mid-twenty something you will see in the video may be as old as 42 still quite trendy in that way 40 something’s can be trendy and not come off like a douche-y former MTV VJ on his last attempt to earn another check.

Now what else…

Oh yes, reviews, while Layla-E and I are killing the reviews on the Def-Matic Podcast, Journals and Editorial reviews will have a bit more independence than that of the podcast. Hopefully we will get multiple reviews of the same album. Introductions to artist not necessarily on everyone’s radar to open the audience up to someone besides SEO SEO SEO SEO (see what I did there). Not that those guys are bad but there is more. I don’t want this to be a space where the ridiculous gets too far gone. No one will have 2000 words on “Why Skyzoo is Killing Hov?” Fuck, I lied to you; if the argument is convincing we just may allow it. I am merely pointing out that I will have an expansive (lofty goals) review section. We will continue to append an arbitrary number out of 10 because we need to have some congruence between the show and J&E; Layla-E needs to be able to end the show with giving something that sounds like the 90s a 9.5.

Anything, Anything, Thinking...

Def-Matic is striving to have a complete conversation with our audience. We want you to participate in the conversation about this little thing of ours called Hip-Hop. We appreciate your continued support and as always.




Why Does Jesus Loves Hip-Hop?

Why Does Jesus Loves Hip-Hop?